Pottery Group

Last firing for 2017…..The kiln can have a rest for 7 or 8 weeks



Pottery Report by Kay Jenkins                 19 October 2017

The day of wheel throwing with Andrew Killick went very well for four lucky ladies who threw themselves in to it with gusto, going by the amounts of pots thrown and the enthusiastic talk afterwards.

Andrew has agreed to be Guest Potter at our Member’s Exhibition too, so we will see lots of lovely pots.

Our kiln is busy firing pottery and will be right to the last minutes, give or take, as some of us (myself included) didn’t get their act together soon enough!  What’s new!  We are very low on clay.  Waikato Ceramics has a waiting list for Macs White and Bot Pots had to send a container of SB15 back.  Now they have some and hopefully someone will be going to Auckland soon.

The Great Pottery Throwdown seems to have increased people’s interest in trying pottery-making again going by the amount of new people wanting to try it.  Our new and not so new members are doing some good and interesting work which will be in our Exhibition next month.

Fingers crossed for the Duncan Shearer workshop next year (2018).  The Creative Communities local committee hasn’t met yet to consider application but I’ve asked to be there this time.

Happy potting.   Kay Jenkins